The Jamaican (876) Connections

Posted by Ramon Burrell on

This beautiful island called Jamaica is renowned for her music, food, friendly smile, white sandy beaches, lush green mountains, and also having citizens in every corner of the earth, boosting and adding to the great Jamaican diaspora. The dispersion to the diaspora has mainly been for financial purposes where Jamaicans in search of better economical and educational opportunities for themselves and family be it immediate or extended, they take on this journeys in search for a “better life”.

As time passes and migration continues to occur, there also comes a new generation adding to diaspora by the way of descendants. Despite the uniqueness of individual journeys,  there is no mistaken the one thing that remains in common to all Jamaicans living abroad which is the 876 connections to the roots. The Jamaican 876 connections via its international dialling code enables that call home and keep the Jamaican connections strong.

Jamaica’s geographical location is 18.1096° N, 77.2975° W, However,  when Jamaicans need to make that connection to home there no way we can use the geographical coordinates. We all have to tap into the 876 Connections to make that quick phone call, WhatsApp call to Jamaica whether to say “the money down a Western Union fi pick up” or “the barrel will reach on such a date”,  “ tell Mama and Papa nuh worry bout it, I will work it out” or just to simply connect with our rich roots and culture. Wherever Jamaicans are and whatever the need what remains undisputedly constant and common is our connections via our international dialling code 876.

Ok, in case you haven’t recognise it as yet, this 876 Connections is not only about the phone (WhatsApp) calls but is imbedded in our DNA, our walk, taste it in our food, its heard and felt the naturalvibes in our music, in our art and in the deep down reverberations in our conversations.

Therefore, whether your location requires you to use 001, +1 or 011(this is varied) before the 876 (+1 876 XXX XXXX), I assure you that without these three 876 Connections digits your call home would be impossible. 876 Connections is Jamaican. 876 Connections is ours. 876 Connections is for our need to connect with our homeland Jamaica.

Our 876 International Dialling code is therefore representative of our sweet island Jamaica – our home. When we say “876connections we are in fact saying JamaicanConnections. 

876Connections – JamaicanConnections –Naturalvibes.